Power Your Production
With BorealDirector.


Shotbox is the quick way of adding another controller to your system.

Runs in a browser or as a native application.


The center of your operations, glue devices together with endless control options.

Runs in a Docker Stack or as a native application.


Link is the reference Bridge that lets you use USB controllers and devices over the network.

Runs as a native application

So what is it?

BorealDirector is a control and orchestration platform aimed at broadcast facilities, production trucks, and event venues.

It acts as the glue that allows you to operate and manage devices from a diverse array of vendors together through one unified interface and with any hardware panel you can think of.

The Core connects your controllers to your devices and allows you to build arbitrary Stacks of actions which can be dynamically mapped to any controller through the Panel interface.

You can check out the souce code on Github, and have a play around.

Please contact us fo production ready deployment as we will work with your team to ensure everything is as interoperable and stable as possible.

The software BorealDirector is, and will always be, a free and open source project.

Our revenue source is through custom implementation and support services for clients who need more than Github Issues.

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